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Meet the Author: Reading and Book Signing – Friday, May 10 @ 6:30 p.m.

My Book

Great Night at the Enfield Public Library Reading/Book Signing!

I had a great time at my new book’s reading/book signing at the Enfield Public Library! Great turnout by friends and the general public – many who are survivors or know people who are survivors. It was a wonderful group of supportive and inquisitive people who were interested in me telling my story and learning… Continue reading Great Night at the Enfield Public Library Reading/Book Signing!

My Book

Book Release: My New Book is Now Available on

See home page for details about the book. Note to my blog followers: My book contains many blog posts from this past year - most have been revised and expanded upon, some remain as originally posted. My book also contains detailed stories of my personal trauma experience as well as poems - some of these… Continue reading Book Release: My New Book is Now Available on

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I Can Tell-I Can Heal

Patricia J Grace

Acceptance of symptoms from the traumas in childhood that remain have to be re-accepted over and over again; a body on hyper-vigilance which includes an exaggerated startle response, sleep disturbances, habitual negative thinking causing low level depression, disordered eating patterns stemming from age 8 as a survival mechanism, dissociation from the body- another survival tool, panic in small windowless places which includes elevators and airplanes, fear of people- knowing too well what they are capable of, and on it goes.

Patience and acceptance are not inherent qualities, they take effort and persistence. Persistence is part of my make-up. But no amount of it will take away the daily challenges. The work is ongoing. .

Out of the trauma grew a women whose voice is heard only if you listen carefully. A voice silenced in childhood, hushed by a mother embarrassed, and a family embarrassed, the voice goes mute. It is…

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Thank You for the Interview, Mental Health Book Club Podcast

This is a great interview.

My Poems

My Trauma Poems Published on! Welcome to the Fictional Café, a virtual coffee shop created especially for writers and artists. Mike, Jack, Jason, Caitlin, Charlotte, Simran, Rachael and Steve, your Fictional Café baristas, welcome you! We hope you’ll love hanging out here with us, reading and talking about writing, commenting on art and photography, listening to original podcasts, and… Continue reading My Trauma Poems Published on!

My Poems

Poem: Triggers

  Triggers A movie scene a clap of thunder a child’s cry a lover’s touch so many things can catapult us backward in time there’s never any warning we are simply thrust into remembering, into reliving an experience we thought was over for good. Trapped in hell we come face to face with our demons.… Continue reading Poem: Triggers

Readers' Poems

Loose Women by Sheryl Wentworth Woods

Loose Women       by Sheryl Wentworth Woods I didn’t like myself so I gave myself away, piece by piece chunk by chunk. Would you care for a thigh? Perhaps a breast is more to your desire. Oh! It’s my MIND you lust for. I’ve a headache but go ahead take it. My heart? Gladly! I’ll cut… Continue reading Loose Women by Sheryl Wentworth Woods