Personal Power

It’s Not About Me

  The other day, I went to a new support group with a friend of mine. An old acquaintance was greeting people at the door. I haven’t seen her in about three years. She asked me what I’ve been up to and I told her that I’m about to publish a book about my healing… Continue reading It’s Not About Me

Personal Power

Silencing the Voice of Anxiety

I just ordered the final proof of my soon-to-be-published book. As I schedule book readings and signings, the old tapes assault my mind and cause fear and uncertainty. Thoughts that shout, “You’re not good enough.” “You’re a terrible writer.” “Book reviewers will hate your book.” “Your grammar sucks.” “You’re going to stumble over your words… Continue reading Silencing the Voice of Anxiety

My Story

I am a survivor of family violence, incest, and rape as a child and sexual assault as a teenager and adult. Incestual violation from my older brother, Kevin, began the first time he crawled into my bed when I was eight years old. For two years, under threat of death, he forced me to engage… Continue reading

Personal Power

Fear of Failure: Do I Really Have Something Worthwhile to Share?

My critic voice is screaming, “What do you have to write about?  Why should anyone care about what you write?  YOU HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE TO SHARE!!! DON’T EVEN TRY – YOU’LL MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF!” Fear of failure is a HUGE issue for me.  Thoughts pummel my mind.  Thoughts like, “People are going… Continue reading Fear of Failure: Do I Really Have Something Worthwhile to Share?