Readers' Poems

The Shadow of Fear by Alexis Rose

The Shadow of Fear The shadow of fear disguises itself as a branch without leaves waving in the dark of night. Or the touch of the wind grazing my cheeks when I turn a corner. It’s the sound of a car rolling slowly to a stop behind me. Or the person I see walking in… Continue reading The Shadow of Fear by Alexis Rose

Personal Power

A Stranger to Myself

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered who was staring back at you? It’s only within the last several years that I have begun to really get a sense of who I am. As a survivor of violence, incest, and rape – trauma which had begun at the age of eight – I… Continue reading A Stranger to Myself

My Poems

Poem: Penelope

Penelope You came into this world a being of Light. Shadow People sought to make your Light their own. You hid your Light from those who caused you harm, buried it deep down inside. But you buried it so deep you forgot your true self. You came to believe the Shadow People – came to… Continue reading Poem: Penelope

Personal Power

A Journey of Light and Love

I believe that we all come from the same Source of Light and Love, that we are spiritual beings who have chosen to come here to learn and to grow spiritually. For a very long time, I have felt a disconnect with this Light and Love. I had become a victim at the hands of… Continue reading A Journey of Light and Love

My Poems

Poem: Hypervigilance

Hypervigilance She surfs the edge of dreams dares not sleep too deep the Bogeyman lurks in every shadow, eager to tear flesh from bone. Snap of twig outside the window she bolts up grasps the knife beneath her pillow heart racing ears tuned eyes search darkness. No one’s there she tells herself, curls down to… Continue reading Poem: Hypervigilance

Mental Health

What is this I’m feeling?

I love this photo. It's not of me. I have no photo of myself that conveys what I want to share. To me, the woman in the photo seems to be searching for something that is just out of reach, which is what I am going through right now. I am not sure what has… Continue reading What is this I’m feeling?

Mental Health

PTSD: Some People Simply Don’t Understand

“You were a kid when that happened – you’re an adult now.  It’s time to move on.” “Everybody’s had terrible things happen to them.” “Everyone’s been wounded at some time in their life.” “You’re not the only person who has suffered pain.” “You can’t let that stuff get you down.” “Snap out of it.” “Laugh… Continue reading PTSD: Some People Simply Don’t Understand