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A Reader’s Poem: Only Sleeping

Only Sleeping When normality collided with nightmare, it cast a spell on Beauty. To all observation, in the aftermath, she remained animate, stitched and birthed and stewed, while searching for the antidote in her children’s satchels, her doctor’s pads, in strangers’ eyes. Eating at her mind the hex poisoned tongue’s speech, leaving only a language… Continue reading A Reader’s Poem: Only Sleeping

Readers' Poems

Her Present Needed Her Past


The door heaved open
exposing the dark, dusty gloom of the past.

Walking into each room
the light began to pour in
from all the love she feels in the present.

The past and the present began to live together.

Sometimes contentious, but with a newly learned respect.

Intuitively, she knew her present needed her past
so she could learn, change and grow.

As a new season begins
she holds hands with her past, lives in the present, and rests.

©Alexis Rose, photographer: Janet Rosauer

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph      

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Fearless Butterfly


Across the decades
she lived fearlessly
with silent

She trusted that the dry
strong muscles
of her wings
would keep her safe
as long as
she looked over her shoulder

Until the day
she decided
that the words
Fearless Butterfly
was a title of strength

A badge to print over
her heart
A re-frame for
peace of mind, body, soul

The Willow provided
a feathered nest of safety
to breathe
A landing pad for practice flights

And on those cold and windy days
when the sky is grey
and the Willow settles
under winter’s embrace

The butterfly
quietly grows

©Alexis Rose, Photo by Luca Huter on Unsplash

Thank you for reading my books: If I Could Tell You How It Feels, and Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph      

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Readers' Poems

Will the Sky Fall?


The sky is a beautiful shade of deep blue.
The puffy white clouds move
at a meditative pace
changing shapes
as they roll overhead.

The waves of the sky.

Gazing at this wondrous expanse
I worry will the sky fall
if I say my truth out loud?

Will the sky fall?

Funny, it didn’t fall
when I journaled the words
and shared it with my confidant.

The sky didn’t fall on me
nor did it fall on her.

I once looked to the sky
for help, for escape.
I watched the clouds
move, and then turn dusty
but it was only the dust in my eyes.

I fell silent.

Today, as I sit with the truth
I know I don’t have to suffer.

I’m no longer completely silent
but sometimes the words get stuck in my throat.
Constricting, and pressing on my lungs.
Making it hard to talk, to speak my truth.

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Readers' Poems

A Parting Poem: When I Die by Sheryl Wentworth Woods

My dear friend, Sheryl, wrote this poem during her battle with stage four pancreatic cancer. Her daughter read it at her memorial service. It reflects her deep spiritual connection with nature and her belief that when we die, we are never truly gone. Sheryl was a kind, loving, and gentle human being. She was also… Continue reading A Parting Poem: When I Die by Sheryl Wentworth Woods

Readers' Poems

She Becomes a Lotus by Alexis Rose

She Becomes a Lotus Rising from the mud Shaken by the moon that shines behind the shadow trees She tenses and listens. Hearing the leaves rustle in the wind the cicadas hum, and the birds flapping their goodnight wings her mind feels tricked by the sounds of the night. The humidity in the air creates a… Continue reading She Becomes a Lotus by Alexis Rose

Readers' Poems

The Shadow of Fear by Alexis Rose

The Shadow of Fear The shadow of fear disguises itself as a branch without leaves waving in the dark of night. Or the touch of the wind grazing my cheeks when I turn a corner. It’s the sound of a car rolling slowly to a stop behind me. Or the person I see walking in… Continue reading The Shadow of Fear by Alexis Rose

Readers' Poems

The Body Electric by Alexis Rose

The Body Electric I'm going to Dance it off Jump it off, sing Shake out my hands, then my feet Take a deep breath, maybe two okay three Exhale! Incorporate the possibility that maybe it's just frenetic energy. That it's not the beast of anxiety gnashing its teeth, trying to turn a passing moment, a fleeting… Continue reading The Body Electric by Alexis Rose

Readers' Poems

Loose Women by Sheryl Wentworth Woods

Loose Women       by Sheryl Wentworth Woods I didn’t like myself so I gave myself away, piece by piece chunk by chunk. Would you care for a thigh? Perhaps a breast is more to your desire. Oh! It’s my MIND you lust for. I’ve a headache but go ahead take it. My heart? Gladly! I’ll cut… Continue reading Loose Women by Sheryl Wentworth Woods

Readers' Poems

Penance  by Melanie Frageorgia

This poem is about Melanie's experience in an emotionally abusive relationship. Penance       by Melanie Frageorgia Liar is the name you have given me Daughter of a snake Can it be true? You once begged kisses of this forked tongue Now you call me Deceiver, False One, Order me prostrate Covered in ashes “Don’t… Continue reading Penance  by Melanie Frageorgia