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POEM: The Journey

The Journey

The Journey

A little girl scared
helpless, powerless
at the mercy of abusers.
She longs to be free.

A young woman grows
angry, despondent
at the mercy of the bottle.
She dreams of revenge.

A brave woman hopes
sober, transforming
at the mercy of resistance.
She claims her future.

A wise woman knows
blessings, gratitude
at the mercy of nothing now.
She thrives in her truth.

7 thoughts on “POEM: The Journey”

    1. Hi! I’ve been falling behind on my blog and reading others. Been so focused on my upcoming TV show. I’ve decided instead of working on a novel, I will write another collection of poetry focused on healing and thriving. Hope you are well.

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      1. I’m excited to hear how the show is going and if you have the tech crew in place now. You have come so far in the past year. Cheering you on!!


      2. No tech crew yet. Have to wait until September when school starts to get interns. I’ve been working on getting guests lined up and now trying to acquire sponsors to cover the cost of the website, DVDs, food for the crew, etc. I should be ready to tape in October. The crew and I have to go through three training sessions before we’re allowed to tape. Next month I’m buying a new WordPress website specifically for the TV show. That will take some time getting it together the way I want it. Thanks for your continued support and encouragement! 🙋💖

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