Readers' Poems

Will the Sky Fall?


The sky is a beautiful shade of deep blue.
The puffy white clouds move
at a meditative pace
changing shapes
as they roll overhead.

The waves of the sky.

Gazing at this wondrous expanse
I worry will the sky fall
if I say my truth out loud?

Will the sky fall?

Funny, it didn’t fall
when I journaled the words
and shared it with my confidant.

The sky didn’t fall on me
nor did it fall on her.

I once looked to the sky
for help, for escape.
I watched the clouds
move, and then turn dusty
but it was only the dust in my eyes.

I fell silent.

Today, as I sit with the truth
I know I don’t have to suffer.

I’m no longer completely silent
but sometimes the words get stuck in my throat.
Constricting, and pressing on my lungs.
Making it hard to talk, to speak my truth.

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