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Poem: Messages



We grew up afraid,
unsure of ourselves.

Stupid!  Idiot!
What are you, a moron?

We grew up believing
we were in the way.

Children are meant to
be seen, not heard!

Some of us became
lost ourselves
in drugs, sex
numbed ourselves
with booze.

Do as I say, not as I do!

Some of us became
tried to kill the chaos
by being perfect, invisible.

Shut up, or I’ll really give you
something to cry about!

Some of us became
changed our thoughts,
our values, our selves
for the approval of others.

I wish you’d never been born!

Some of us
could no longer
endure the pain…

Those who survived
wander through life
not knowing who we are,
what we can become.

We wear these messages
from childhood
like a second skin.

Perhaps the time has come
to reveal the radiance
that rests beneath
these layers of lies

pumice them away
one dead cell at a time.

Photo by Albertus Galileo on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Poem: Messages”

  1. Hi
    Thank you. I am happy to see your wonderful poem. It gives me a thoughtful thinking and am  happy for that. That is always my intention to see a post that gives me happiness.

    Am happy  to share at least a part of that happiness and love here as am commenting now.

    Well, If I wish to be happy is inevitable to keep the vibes flowing.



    Peace ✌and Love ❤


  2. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤


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