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My Trauma Poems Published on!

The Poetry of Pain by Barbara Lawrence

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What makes this virtual coffee shop so special is the diversity of our members. Whether it is writing, photography or fine art we have something that speaks to everyone. So come on in, grab a cuppa, and share your creativity with us.

5 thoughts on “My Trauma Poems Published on!”

      1. Thanks for your encouraging words. I just read my poetry at a Take Back the Night event. The coordinator for a “Concert of Hope” event for violence against women awareness asked me to be a featured speaker. It’s a little scary. I’ll be up on stage with a microphone. She said they get a huge turnout (this is its fourth year). Oh well, this seems to be my journey. If I can help one person it will be worth my putting myself out there. 🙂 Hope all is well.

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      2. That is so awesome! What an honor to you and your journey. Im so proud of you for getting out there. Its that one person out there that is able to hear you at just the right time that can help them know they are not alone. Just awesome!! ❤️

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