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Self Doubt: My Unwanted (but invited) House Guest

This post couldn’t have come into my life at a better moment. I am working on my own issues of self-doubt as it relates to my writing ability and my desire to publish a collection of essays and personal stories about my trauma experience. Alexis’ words both comfort and inspire me to persevere.


I was offered (and I accepted) an amazing opportunity to co-facilitate workshops for a wonderful program for trauma survivors beginning this Fall.  After the initial excitement and the happy dance, I felt an old familiar internal nagging, and then my unwanted but invited guest stop by…

A familiar knock on my self-esteem’s door seems to happen when I’m making a big change, taking a risk, sharing my writing, speaking in front of groups, or accepting another layer of learning to live with the limitations of PTSD.

I would like to say that self-doubt comes uninvited to my self-esteem’s house during these transition times, but that wouldn’t be honest. I don’t believe Mr. Doubt (as I call it) would come calling unless it was invited. It may be unwanted, but since it arrived with hat in hand, I ask it to come in for tea and tell me what it thinks of me.

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