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A Reader’s Memoir: Shattered by Patricia J Grace

I found this memoir to be very moving, both in its intensity and in its message of courage, perseverance, resilience, and hope.

From the back cover:

“Dad died and chaos ruled. The only girl in a family of seven brothers, Patricia Grace found her childhood violently stripped away in the wake of her father’s death. Her brothers became her tormentors, using their little sister as an outlet for rage and lust. Her mother, reeling with grief and fighting to raise eight children on her own, turned a blind eye to the abuse. Patricia learned to play the loving sister, desperate to maintain the illusion of a happy family even as the shame grew like a cancer inside her.

Now, after decades of silence, she is telling her truth. Shattered is the astonishing story of a girl coming of age in a house of secrets, and her battle as an adult to make peace with the past. Patricia relays her struggles with weight, depression, and self-esteem with searing honesty and rich emotional depth. Her unsparing prose paints an intimate portrait of courage and hope in the bleakest of circumstances. More than a memoir, Shattered is a testament to the healing power of truth-telling and the resilience of the human spirit.”

Her memoir is available on

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