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Fear of Failure: Do I Really Have Something Worthwhile to Share?


My critic voice is screaming, “What do you have to write about?  Why should anyone care about what you write?  YOU HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE TO SHARE!!! DON’T EVEN TRY – YOU’LL MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF!”

Fear of failure is a HUGE issue for me.  Thoughts pummel my mind.  Thoughts like, “People are going to comment that your blog posts are way too long.” and “People will tell you that you’ve got it all wrong – that you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

While there is the possibility that these things might happen, I know that these are just thoughts. I can choose to give them power or not to give them power. I have a quote on my refrigerator.  It reads, “It is not the thing you fear that has power over you – it is the fear itself.”  I can let my fear dictate my actions, allowing it to stop me before I have even begun, or I can acknowledge the fear and move forward.

I choose to challenge this negative thinking with gentleness and kindness.  I acknowledge that my taking this risk – putting myself out there – is bringing up fear; it’s triggering my inner child’s need to people-please.  She only wants to be loved and accepted.  I reply to this fear with quiet confidence.  I do have things of value to share. Many people struggle with the same challenges as I do.  Maybe I can be of service, if only to assure them that they are not alone.

I have done a lot of work on certain issues over the years and I have learned things about the process of self-discovery.  I have gained a good deal of insight about myself through honest investigation into how my mind and emotions work.

I have learned how my past affects and influences how I think and behave today.  I have learned coping skills to help me get through tough times and for when I get triggered.  I have learned about what my inner child needs to feel safe, so that I – as the adult – can try to function in this world in a healthy manner.

It is my hope that my words – and the love that fuels them – will touch people in a meaningful way.  If not, at least I will have faced my fear and know that I have tried.

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

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