About this blog

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my blog page.  I hope that you will find what I write both interesting and helpful. As this blog is new, it will take a while to build up my categories. Please check back every now and then for updates.

My posts are probably longer than what you’re used to. I feel the length is necessary for the messages I want to convey. They will take a few minutes to read. It is my hope that you will set aside some quiet time and give them your attention.

Some of my posts might trigger you.  It would be beneficial for you to have someone with whom you can share your feelings.

I am a survivor of family violence, incest and rape. I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, as well as ADHD. I was declared permanently disabled in May of 2007.

My goal with writing this blog is to give voice to those who share similar challenges as the result of trauma, as well as shed light on these issues for those fortunate enough not to have endured what we have.  I welcome comments.  I want this page to be a safe space for readers to share their thoughts and feelings.

Please feel free to suggest topics for me to write about.  If I’ve had experience with them, I will write about them. I encourage readers who are survivors, and loved ones of survivors, to email me your personal stories at iwalkwithalimp@gmail.com. I will keep them confidential, unless you would like me to include them in my Readers’ Stories posts, using your first name and first initial of your last name (or choose a different name). The same goes for any poems you’d like to share.

I encourage readers to share with me books which you have found helpful, as well as online articles and websites. I will add them to my page.

In my blog, I will address the challenges I face while trying to cope with issues that arise from my trauma experiences and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Issues will include:

  • perfectionism
  • fear of failure and making mistakes
  • self-sabotage and self-neglect
  • low self-esteem
  • people-pleasing
  • setting boundaries
  • emotional eating
  • poor body image
  • personal power
  • hypervigilance
  • depression and anxiety
  • fear and avoidance of conflict
  • trust issues
  • compulsive and addictive behaviors

I will share coping skills and techniques I have learned in my effort to become a healthy human being in body, mind, and spirit. I might also share my personal experience with writing my memoir.

I am not a therapist.  I am not here to offer advice.  I can only share my personal experience.

It is my hope that I might help readers understand and feel that they are not alone in their struggles.  My goal is to comfort, inspire, empower, and educate as well as to help readers know that there is hope.

I invite you to join me as I embark upon this journey.  If you like what you read, please let others know about my blog page.

Many blessings,



Header photo taken by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash